Luboš Lagin



Lubos is a former web-developer who transitioned to being a QA Engineer, with a passion for both testing areas, automation and exploratory. His daily bread is testing the Avast products’ GUI, communicating with developers and POs and maintaining the automation framework, which is based on Selenium and written in python.


Topic: Making your application behave using Selenium and Applitools

Have you ever wondered how desktop Antivirus’ UI is tested? How to verify if everything is working properly with frequent release cycles? You may know and been using all the available technologies already. If your application is web based, there is an easy solution to automate E2E scenarios, even for a Windows Desktop application. Selenium is your answer.. At Avast, we use python language bindings to automate apps written in C++/JS. BDD (gherkin) style implementation allows us to perform better readability checks. In addition, Applitools service helps with visual regressions, which can easily be missed by humans. After our talk, the audience should be familiar with how to implement a similar approach to their projects and connect it to their CI infrastructure. Ultimately, the audience will discover “eyes” that never miss any details.


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