Vadim Zubovich

COMAQA, Belarus

Over 5 years of experience in QA Automation. Have been working mainly with UI automation, have tried various platforms Web/Desktop/Mobile. Favorite tool – Selenium WebDriver and it’s “spinoffs”. Current passion – building automation project architecture and processes. Also I’m an experienced conference speaker and trainer in QA Automation field.

Topic: Living on crotches or UI Automation antipatterns

There are tons of talks on how to build automation properly, however there is no silver bullet for every problem and here’s where people get in trouble. They can’t apply the “perfect” approaches and practices so they try to implement their own and often make common mistakes.

It’s those “mistakes” aka “what NOT to do” aka “antipatterns” that we’re going to talk about. I’d like to mention both coding antipatterns and antipatterns in the whole approach to automated testing that I’ve come across too often and that often prevent a growth of the project. Hopefully, together we will be able to avoid those common misconceptions.