Tamir Dresher

CodeValue, Israel

Tamir Dresher is a senior software architect working as a consultant at CodeValue Israel. A prominent member of Israel’s Microsoft programming community. As an expert in .NET Framework and Software Craftsmanship Tamir has trained hundreds of developers and helped many high-profile clients in the commercial and public section. He speaks on software development topics frequently and is a lecturer in software engineering at the Ruppin Academic Center.

Topic: Testing and Time and Concurrency With Rx.NET Schedulers

Working with asynchronous services has always been a desirable approach and a necessity when creating a responsive, Connected, Data-intensive application. Today, when every application needs to work with sources like Facebook, Twitter, device sensors and Cloud Services, this task become harder and harder.

Even harder than creating such applications is testing them for scenarios that involve time and concurrent processing. Reactive Extensions (Rx) makes this easy, with the concept of parameterized concurrency with Schedulers and Virtual Time. In this session, you’ll understand how reactive programming with Rx.NET can simplify your code and tests.