Stephen Janaway

Stephen Janaway, UK

Stephen is a mobile and e-commerce Coach, Trainer, Strategist, and Leader. Over the last 15 years, he has worked for companies such as Nokia. Ericsson, Motorola, and the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, as well as advising a number of mobile application companies on development, testing and delivery strategies. Stephan has written and presented many times about software development, testing, and delivery, frequently with a focus on mobile devices and mobile applications. He is co-curator of the Testing In The Pub podcast and organiser of West London Lean Coffee.

Topic: Why I Lost My Job As a Test Manager and What I’ve Learnt As a Result

My career followed the typical path of someone in technology. Tester, Test Lead, Test Manager, Senior Test Manager. It started in 1999, back when we lived in a world of scripted tests and large, separate, test teams who designed and ran the tests. A world of silo’s and walls, the world where communication-by-bug-report was common. Agile came, and fortunately disrupted things. Teams became cross-functional, and yet management did not change. Management became harder; there were more stakeholders to manage and more areas to cover. Task switching came as standard. Eventually, the penny dropped with senior management and the management team was re-organised. A change had to come and that meant no more Test Managers….

This presentation aims to present a view of test management that I think fits with the software development methodologies and team structures that we typically see in IT today. It will use my personal experiences to explain why I think discipline based management is no longer relevant or required, and how Test Managers need to adapt to the new world of cross-functional, agile teams and continuous delivery.

Key Points:

  • Why the typical view of Test Management is out-dated and needs to change.
  • The role of Test Management in the agile world as I see it today.
  • How Test Managers can adapt and why they should.
  • Ways in which the whole team benefits from a new approach to the Test Management role.
  • My experiences of having gone through the transition from Test Manager to Test Coach.