Nicolae Oprean

Ullink, Romania

Nicolae Oprean is a QA Technical Expert at Ullink company with main focus on test automation and performance testing for desktop applications. The company he works for is specialised in financial markets and provides trading solutions that connect the capital markets community.

Topic: Code Review for Test Automation

For developers, Code Review process has been essential for ages. It has been proven that it detects more bugs than any other form of testing, improves code quality, fosters knowledge sharing (for both the reviewer and the reviewee) and is cost effective. Code review can also be used successfully in Test Automation which will strengthen the collaboration between technical and functional specialists (Developers and QA).

Nicolea will present our techniques for Test Automation Code Review; although it’s not the entire recipe, following them is an ingredient for better test code (clean, readable, simple, robust, bug-free, extendable…).

Key Take-Away:

  • Functional and Technical Knowledge Transfer;
  • Code Review Techniques for Test Automation;
  • Review Tips and considerations;
  • Language agnostic rules;
  • High-Level Code review process for QA;
  • Increase bus-factor within your project;

Target Audience: QA Automation Engineers, Developers and Managers alike who would like to implement Code Review process for Test Automation.