Anastasia Lubennikova

Postgres Professional, Russia

Anastasia is a graduate of the NRNU MEPhI with a B.S. in Applied Math and Informatics in 2015. She participated GSoC with PostgreSQL in 2014. Her primary interests are indexes and optimal data structures. Anastasia is a developer at Postgres Professional. Anastasia also coordinates “Hacking PostgreSQL” course, where has lectures about different subsystems, details of their implementation and tips for new developers.

Š¢opic: Quality assurance in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open source relational database that is well known for its stability and high code quality. But how are they achieved? In this talk we would like to tell you about how development process and testing are done in PostgreSQL project. You will learn about buildfarms, commitfests, code review process, two different types of automatic tests used in PostgreSQL, performance testing and many more.