Alexei Vinogradov

Consultant, Germany

Alexei has been working on various IT projects in Germany for more than 15 years. He consults about quality assurance, test automation and about how to keep calm and be a good tester. The developer of Selenide. The founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast.

Topic: KISS PageObjects

Page Objects is probably the best-known pattern for UI Automation in Testing. Still implementing the Page Objects can be tricky in many ways even for the most typical web application. Alexei will introduce 3 types of PageObjects implementation (“Static”, “Void” and “Fluent”), which he has successfully used in his projects and explain their advantages and drawback.┬áHe will also explain why some other/additional patterns you can find in blogs/books or even get recommended in conference talks are actually no good. Warning: some pieces of advice may look provocative or even change the way you look at designing UI tests completely!

The session will show Java Code examples (Selenium/Selenide) highlighting the implementation details.